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Finally, not a diet but a lifestyle…

As a migraine sufferer, I have been a label-watcher and eliminated certain foods from my diet over the years. As I approach 50, I found my weight increasing and a reliance on sugar especially in the form of chocolate. I was basically sick of it all! I heard about Ideal Protein from Drs. Dan and Sean Neubauer and was encouraged to attend an information seminar. Unfortunately I missed the first one, but was able to attend on August 27, 2011. I was so intrigued and desperate; I signed up for an appointment with Amanda the next day and signed up for the program. 

Amanda was so helpful! I have tried diets and programs over the years and some have been moderately successful, but I found the encouragement and guidance from Amanda amazing! The first weekend I was out of town and called Amanda “freaking out” about not having brought the “right type” of IP food with me. She calmed me and helped me figure out how to deal with it. The program was so easy to use and once I broke through the sugar and caffeine reliance I enjoyed it. It is fun to be able to look at food that I once would have binged on and now I am not even interested on it.

The years of not being successful caused me to not share my goal with Amanda, but I was so excited when 5 months to the day of starting I walked into her office and announced that I had reached my goal size. What excitement! Amanda celebrated with me and talked me through phases 2-4. I will continue to check in monthly since I never want to go back to where I was. The lifestyle change of eating vegetables and enjoying salads with limited carbs and fats is here to stay!

Thank you Amanda for all you have done! You are a great coach and IP is a great program and truly the last diet anyone ever needs! (Individual results may vary)

Joan (Waconia)

I had the pleasure of working with Amanda Neubauer at Ideal Wellness on losing weight and she did not disappoint. From start to finish, Amanda walked me through her process and asked specific questions to make sure we were targeting my new weight goal. Specifically, I enjoyed how she would follow up to make sure that I was on track and understanding the daily requirements to reach my goals. Not only would I recommend Amanda’s services to anyone needing weight loss coaching, I will be using her again to make sure I maintain my 20 pounds of lost weight!!! (Individual results may vary)

Thanks Amanda!!!

Stella (Waconia)

This is a testimonial to the Ideal Protein Wellness program that certainly gave me a new lease on life. Along with my "new" physical presence, that makes me feel 20 years younger, I feel that I have control over my health management. I have a better understanding of what makes me healthy and how to go about accomplishing that goal. Thank you for all the encouragement, tutoring, and application of your program to help me realize what I have been trying to accomplish through other programs and putting guilt on myself for what seems like half my life. Here's to a healthier life! (Individual results may vary)

Carol (Cologne)

Roseann D. from Norwood lost over 60lbs. with the Ideal Protein Method! (individual results may vary)

Jim's Before and After Pictures (Individual results may vary)


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