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Dr. Matt Neubauer
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Happier and Healthier, Jack is back!

"Since he was born my son Jack had problems with acid reflux that continued to worsen creating feeding issues and many sleepless nights due to the discomfort. I tried changing his diet and tricks like elevating his crib., however Jack would wake up frequently in night arching and crying from the discomfort. After many sleepless nights we decided to treat the acid reflux with medication. Overtime the medicine became less effective and I was concerned with the side effects. I shared my story with another mom who had a very similar experience and she recommended chiropractic care. I researched it and decided to take a new holistic approach. I admit I was a little skeptical, but nothing is worse than seeing your child uncomfortable, so I wanted to make sure I gave it a fair chance. I'm so happy I did!"
"After a few chiropractic adjustments I noticed that Jack was sleeping through the night and seemed more relaxed overall. Today, Jack is doing great! He is no longer on medication for the reflux. He is sleeping and eating better than ever. There is nothing better than seeing that big smile on his face and knowing he is happy and comfortable! The doctors at Neubauer Chiropractic were great about gaining Jack's trust and making him feel comfortable. While Jack was resistant at first, now he walks right in and smiles at the doctor. He even claps after an adjustment. Dr. Dan and Dr. Matt are great about answering all of my questions and concerns. I really appreciate how they take the time to teach the patient/parent about the treatment." (Individual results may very)

- Jack's Mother

No more nerve pain!

"I have a herniated disc in my neck. I tried to get rid of the symptoms with dry heat, massage, and drugs. I couldn't lead a normal life; I was immobile due to the extensive nerve pain. Neubauer Chiropractic gave me my mobility back! I feel awesome and now live life without pain. Neubauer Chiropractic provided me great and compassionate care with no pain." (Individual results may very)

- Rick

Work is no longer a headache!

"Before coming to Neubauer Chiropractic I used to work through the back pain and headaches that I was experiencing. I did stretches and took aspirin but neither did much to help me. Through adjustments and learning correct exercises I have improved strength, flexibility and my headaches have stopped. The people at Neubauer Chiropractic are friendly and have helped my body heal naturally without medications. I would not hesitate to recommend Neubauer Chiropractic to my friends and family." (Individual results may very)

- Ryan

Breathing a sign of relief!

"At six months, Blake had recurring upper respiratory infections and we struggled to get him through full nebulizer treatments. There had to be a better, drug-free way to get and keep him healthy. With regular spinal adjustments. Blake is now one year old, healthy and full of smiles each and every day." (Individual results may very)

- Julie

Pain in the butt...

"When I first came in my back was seized up and any movement to sit, stand or get out of the car caused me pain that I rated at a 10 out of 10. After my first visit I felt immediate relief and with regular visits I was back to normal in 2 months with no reoccurrence. The customer service at Neubauer Chiropractic is top-notch and the doctors ALWAYS explain things in terms you understand." (Individual results may very)

- Karen

Perform at your best!

"I went to Neubauer Chiropractic because my lower back pain and headaches were impairing my ability to run and swim. The source of my pain was identified, targeted and relieved. I now feel fantastic! I have no more back pain or severe headaches. The doctors and staff at Neubauer Chiropractic are fantastic and they really got to know me and understand my need for care as an athlete." (Individual results may very)

- Kris

Lose weight and pain!

"I couldn't drive very far because my leg would go numb due to the shooting pain I was having. After receiving care at Neubauer Chiropractic I feel great! They provided information about my problems and showed me things I could do by myself to help me along. They made my pain go away and got me to start exercising. I have even lost a total of 25 pounds!" (Individual results may very)

- Mike

Pain relief without drugs or surgery!

"25 years of cradling a phone has created major neck problems for me. I received care at Neubauer Chiropractic which has made and kept me healthy again. They have taught me how chiropractic care can help me without using any drugs. The doctors have helped me out numerous times and made me a true believer in chiropractic care. The staff is amazing! I would recommend them to everyone." (Individual results may very)

- Sandra

Stronger and pain free!

"In the past I had tried seeing a doctor, using muscle relaxers and tried stretching exercises on my own. None of these brought much relief for my lower back pain. I had trouble bending or stopping plus I couldn't do any heavy lifting without pain. I feel great after getting chiropractic care at Neubauer Chiropractic! My back feels stronger and I'm pain free. Not only have they improved my health but everyone is so happy and upbeat I feel happier when I leave." (Individual results may very)

- Frank

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